For the adventurer, bird lover
                and water sports enthusiast


Tandem Skydiving

When the morning fog has lifted, you can go tandem skydiving. Before you take off, an experienced tandem master will provide full instructions on the procedures you will have to follow. Then you can enjoy a 35-minute scenic flight over the area while the plane climbs to 10.000 feet.

After exiting the plane, you will fall freely at speeds of up to 220 km/hour for 30 to 35 seconds. Then the parachute opens and, once under canopy, you can enjoy another 5-8 minutes of flight descending across majestic desert and ocean scenery to a tiptoe landing outside the club house.
Tandem Skydiving in Swakopmund has a 100% safety record and guarantees enjoyment in the safest possible manner. Videos and photos are available as an optional extra to document your activity.